The Benefits of Vitamin C Face Serums


Vitamin C has become a star ingredient in cosmetics and skin-care products because little wonder is a fighter of skin damaging free radicals and helps to produce collagen. Collagen is what binds the cells of our bodies together and is responsible for the plumpness of our skin and it works to deliver a youthful, radiant and healthy looking glow.

What else can Vitamin C do for your skin?

Other benefits of this super ingredient include speeding up the healing of wounds, reducing inflammation, brightens dull looking skin and when used in high concentrations the appearance of brown spots and red discolorations from irritation or breakouts on the skin can greatly diminish.

Vitamin C serums are rich and full of anti-oxidants which stimulate the production of collagen. Healthy collagen production is needed for our skin to look and feel tighter and firmer, to fight wrinkles (for as long as humanly possible) and to ensure skin is even in tone and smooth in texture.

Along with stimulating collagen production, Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays as it strengthens the skin barrier and thickens the dermis layer. However, while Vitamin C has sun protection benefits it can also make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure so  it’s very important to continue to or begin to use an SPF15 or higher rated sunscreen daily after application.

Why choose a Vitamin C serum over a moisturiser?

To get the most out of what Vitamin C has to offer, a facial serum over a moisturiser will deliver the most benefits. Serums offer a high concentration of Vitamin C, deliver rapid absorption of the product and are able to penetrate deep beneath the skin layers. Moisturisers (whilst fabulous in their own ways) will only address surface tissue and skin condition.

Serums offer the ability to produce more results in less time and that is always a good thing!

For those sensitive skinned beauties out there, it’s best to look for a Vitamin C serum that is specifically designed for your skin type as an intensive formula can irritate reactive skin. And for everyone in general, be sure not to apply Vitamin C serums over any open sores on the skin as the burning sensation will sting you into oblivion! I learnt that the hard way.

Our Top Picks 

Paula’s Choice

RESIST C15  Super Booster – $62.00


(Personal Favourite*) Perricone MD – Vitamin C Ester 15 – $190



(Personal Favourite*)  Paula’s Choice – RESIST 25% Vitamin C Spot Treatment- $72


Sephora Collection – Luminzing Booster -$22


Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum – $116


While Vitamin C serums can be on the pricier side, the benefits your skin will reap from incorporating a concentrated serum into your skincare routine make spending the cash well worth it! You can’t put a price on beautiful , glowing, healthy and plump looking skin. Right?



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